The joy of purity to the door steps of Jaipur.

‘Joypure’ provides you the indigenous (Desi) cow milk which is the ‘A2’ milk through the most natural and ‘cow friendly’ processes along with the natural desi ghee, chach and natural honey delivered fresh from farm to home.

A2 Milk

Joypure’s indigenous (Desi) cow milk is A2 milk. The milk has reached you through cow friendly processes because at the Joypure farms, no cow has been tortured ,drugged or a calf

Desi Cow Ghee

The ‘Joypures’ desi ghee of the cow’s milk undergoes our typical pure processes to reach you! The ghee is better and cleaner because it's fresh! The desi ghee of the cow’s milk is

Butter Milk

What’s better than the chemical infused soft drinks to fight the scorching heat of Jaipur ?The answer is the purity infused Joypure’s Butter Milk or fondly called as chhachh that is

Bee's Honey

A gold mine for health lovers, the golden liquid from ‘Joypure’ is another example of our purity in process. The pure taste of Joypure’s honey has the power to take you to an experience

Why Joypure ?

Joypure Products

Hard to digest, A1 milk which comes from Holstein and jersey cows has been associated with diseases like breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other life threatening diseases..

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Why switch to A2 milk?

A1 vs A2 Cows Milk: What’s the Difference, Benefits, & Nutrition

A1 Milk

Contains A1 protein with BCM-7 peptide

Difficult to digest

Causes type-1 Diabetes

Causes cancer and heart disease

Bad to kids health

A2 Milk

Contains A2 protein with Proline-amino acid

Easy to digest

Good for Diabetic people

Contains anti-cancer agents and anti-oxidants

Good for kids development